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Create, Manage and Conquer Your Brand. Take advantage of cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence to propel your marketing solutions to the top.

Are you running one brand or managing multiple portfolios? Sign up now to access our state-of-the-art content generation AI. Organize, automate, and manage marketing copy for brochures, articles, social media posts, emails, and blurbs in one location.

Suffer from writer's block? Get unstuck with a limitless amount of prompts. Preview and export copy to a variety of formats to your client's needs


📒 Create and manage all your brands content and copy quickly and all of it in one place. Social media posts, email blasts, brochure copy, or what ever medium you're aiming for. Separate dashboards keep brand content and copy organized for multiple clients. Leverage AI tooling to generate all of your copy writing needs in seconds. Never worry about waiting for a creative spark to push you through writers block, using Artificial Intelligence to

Ideal For
Email Blasts
Advertising Brochure Copy
Social Media Posting
Blog Posting
Search Engine Ad Copy

📦 Export your content to numerous formats in order to make sure you can make the absolute most of the platform without any additional effort. Export directly to your PC, create and notify your brand contacts with an email, upload directly to your Google Drive or Drop box all at the click of the button. Go from brand without any content, to a cloud full of amazing content in seconds.

Tons of exportable formats
Email Client
Export your entire account, brands, assets and metadata easily. No lock in, no walled gardens. It's your data and you own it.

🤖 Avoid the wait for sub-optimal article copy from content marketplaces. No more starting a viral post from scratch. Neural Mates uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning computing to generate astounding copy and content for your brand with the click of a button. Get a leg up on your next email campaign. No more gate keeping the power of machine learning, for the price of a cup of coffee you'll have a half dozen pieces of elegant copy and content written for you in seconds to drop into your next social media post, blog post, email blast or web presence.

🚀 Quickly create one or more brands and give all of your ideas a home. Marketing workflows can become simplified by organizing everything and everyone into an easy to use platform that puts simplificity and functionality at the forefront of it's tooling. Running the next hot clothing brand or managing a fleet of client brands is made easy and affordable for all the platform needs. Take advantage of the free management of your brand content and have access to the ability to pay for just what you need, when you need it. No need for locking into a plan, get started for free in minutes and for a few dollars start generating quality content in seconds to kick start your brand and save you hours a day on all your marketing efforts.

💬 Edit your brand details, URLs, and Social media links on a per-brand basis to centralize all your points of public content in one place. Avoid scouring old conversations and email chains for pertinent information about your brand. Everything is right here in one place.

📸 🎥 Unlimited cloud storage makes organizing brand assets simple and easy. Upload documents, images, videos, and logos for each of your brands separately

🧑 Organize your points of contact with your brand. Whether that's your business partners, coworkers, or clients is up to you. Make sure you never lose track of who your brand contacts are without having to use expensive or convoluted CRM software again. Quickly send emails of your content at any step of the way to your contacts to make sure you are able to keep everyone in the loop and get things delivered.

Simplify and organize your work flows

Whether you're a sole proprietor trying to tackle modern marketing or a seasoned profesional marketer with dozens of clients, organzize and simplify your workflow today with absolutely no cost to you. Premium services are always affordable and based on usage to ensure no matter how big or small, access to world renound artifical intelligence to generate great copy for your next round of marketing or email blasts is guaranteed. We are constantly evolving to provide the number one software for marketing solutions and the most affordable access to ground breaking AI in the marketing space.

Check out the services we offer and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any problems, questions, ideas, or integrations.