Managing Your Brand Contacts

Have all your brand points of contact in one place. Never search go searching for a name, phone or email again.

Getting Started

Your contacts tab will quickly show all of your existing contacts and the ability to create new ones on the fly!

Being able to keep your contacts in a brand aware roledex leaves communication issues on the wayside and makes sure your time is spent managing your brand and tackling your tough marketing problems instead of chasing down long email chains to find some relevant client information.

Tagging your files quickly arranges them into a collapsible folder so you can make sure no matter how large your brand grows, you can make sure your assets are organized

To ensure that neural mates is insanely fast and light on your bandwidth, images aren't shown by default - click "Show/Hide Images" to display all your visible photos right in your dashboard

Upload your logo(s) and quickly choose what your dashboard should be displaying as the current logo, to make sure your dashboard is in sync with your brand at every step of the design process with consistency.

Keeping track of assets is easy! We also make sure that managing your brand style guides is as straight forward as possible.

Manage Brand Style Guides