Managing Your Brand Content

Content is King! Create and manage all your content in one place. (With the help of AI)

Want to use some AI to generate some content for you? Help you out of a tough writers block by running with what you already have? Generate emails and social posts? Look no further!

Getting Started

Adding content is as simple as navigating to your content tab and pressing a button. You will be prompted with a title to help you keep track of which copy is which, some keywords you are aiming for (or have the AI generate you some keywords on a particular subject), and the type of content you're looking for.

Choose whether it's product copy for your next ad campaign, a blog post, email blast, or social post. You can type your content into the fields and watch it render in markup to get immediate visual feedback on your latest content.

Generate markup using AI is as easy as answering some simple questions, or starting to write a body and letting the AI take over the rest!

Look at that go! We let the AI get us started, we expanded a little bit on it's copy and then let it run with it! Here's our final generation after only coming up with a product, a simple theme and then a few words