Managing Your Brand Style Guides

Managing and keeping track of style guides for clients, especially in the preliminary stages of a new project, can be daunting and time consuming.

Getting Started

Your style tab will show all of your existing style guides (with a helpful swatch to identify them!) and the ability to create new ones with the click of a button!

Keeping all of your style guides in one place is a great way to organize different platform styles, revisions, marketing campaign spefics and more

Easily add as many style guides as you'd like in order to make sure you and your clients are happy.

Never find yourself looking through sharepoint or an old email chain again, find your brand and find your styleguides. Easily export them for your clients to preview instantly.

Style Guides are easy enough, but we'll really want to start managing our brand content and Neural Mates has made it as painless, automated and intelligent as possible.

Manage Brand Content