Importing or Creating Your Brand In Neural Mates

Jumpstart your brand with Neural Mates

Getting Started

If you are an existing brand with a current website up and running, enter in the URL to have neural mates scan your domain and extract some useful information on your behalf! Brand metadata, social media accounts, logos and more!

If you are just getting started or trying out some proof of concept ideas for your branding, you can quickly enter the relevant information in an instant

It's that simple! We have an initial entry for our brand! If we need to we can upload our logo from our new brand dashboard!

Our brand dashboard unlocks a new set of functionality. You can manage brand details, assets, content & copy, contacts and style guides for your new brand all in one dashboard

Account and Filters

Manage your tokens, reserve more cloud storage, export your data and check your usage historys. Check your information and premium token status at a glance

Quickly filter the visible content on your dashboard based on name, descriptions, tags, keywords, archive status or created/updated dates esaily.

Since we have our brand setup, we're going to upload some of our assets and images to the brand and let ourselves rest assured our assets our securely stored in the cloud. Images, scripts, video, brochures or meeting notes can all be added and organized easily from the brand dashboard.

Upload and Manage Brand Assets