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Unlock The Power Of Artificial Intelligence

Neural Mate
Enhance your marketing game by taking advantage of the latest and greatest in artificial intelligence to establish and maintain your brands with ease.
Our passion is providing artificial intelligence to help ALL businesses with their marketing. For as little as a dollar you can generate polished content in seconds. No longer do you need to run your own server farms or have some incredible partnerships with establish tech giants to adopt the latest breakthroughs in machine learning, neural networks and AI in order to get professional marketing at a fraction of the turn around time AND cost.

Never start a new brand, blog, social post or web page copy empty handed again. Being able to generate incredible content with the click of a button to help you automate your marketing workflows.

Harnessing AI to power everyones output to super human levels. Generate your next email blast to get ahead of the curve with your copy writing, blast off an update to all your brand contacts

Writing copy doesn't have to be a daunting task, turn around your next marketing campaign in minutes and get back to focusing on growing your brand without having a team of copy writers at your disposal

Stop relying on your own editing, allow the AI to take any copy you've written up and make sure your grammar flows and ideas are conveyed clearly!